Are you faced with another difficult pregnancy choice? You are not alone as you explore your options. Maybe you’ve already had an abortion and don’t want another one. We understand, and we’re here to help you understand your other two options: adoption and parenting.

Your Adoption Option

Adoption is a great opportunity for you and your child, especially if life’s circumstances are not fit for a child right now. 

It’s not an easy path, but a rewarding one, knowing you are giving your child hope and a future. Adoption is a personal decision and completely up to you. 

Adoption has changed in a good way over the years, giving birth mothers flexibility when choosing an adoption plan. The three different adoption plans to choose from when considering adoption include: 

  • Open Adoption: As the most flexible adoption plan, open adoption allows for contact with the birth mother, adoptive parents, and the child. Identifying information and contact details are shared. Open communication can be made through visitations, phone, email, etc., as long as all parties come to an agreement.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: This type of adoption includes identifying information shared between all parties besides the first names. Contact is not made directly but through a third party, like an adoption specialist. Letters and photos can be sent through third parties as well.
  • Closed Adoption: There may be safety concerns when choosing adoption. Closed adoption may be the best fit, as no contact is made between anyone. All personal information is concealed, and there will be no identifying information about the child and birth family before adoption.

Your Parenting Option

Maybe you want to parent but don’t know where to begin. You want the best for your child. Though it’s challenging, parenting is a joyful and loving experience. We can help you navigate hard questions like:

  • Who will help support us financially?
  • Can I continue school/college?
  • What will my parents/family think?
  • What does childcare look like?
  • What if I’m a single parent?

There are parenting resources available to you. To be confident in your choice, make an appointment with us. 

We can help you discuss your unique life situation and what you see for your future. Many women have parented while fulfilling their life goals. Together, we can help you find clarity. You are not alone!